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Driving at Night: Essential Tips

Driving at night poses many challenges for drivers. It is more dangerous, and the risk of accidents doubles when the sun sets.

Always be prepared for every drive, no matter the distance. Make sure you’re insured to be driving and consider taking out a car breakdown policy. You can read car services reviews to find the plans that would suit you most. One name you might come across is 247 Home Rescue. If you’re a member, you can add an extra car to your policy or a driver by using the 247 Home Rescue login interface.

The essential tips for driving safely at night are as follows:

#1) Take your time:

As we’ve mentioned, nighttime driving is more dangerous than driving during the day. Speeding only increases your risk. Take your time; there’s no rush. If you’re travelling long distances at night, stop for more breaks more often. You need to remain as alert as possible – have a strong coffee and stretch your legs.

#2: Adjust your car’s headlights:

If you have a newer vehicle, it might be equipped with automatic self-levelling headlights. If not, adjust your car’s headlights to point them correctly. You don’t want your headlights to be aimed at the eyes of other motorists, but at the level of their tyres. This will give you the optimum view of the road ahead on dim lights and when you switch on your main headlights.

While on the subject of headlights, ensure your car’s headlights are clean and clear of dirt, and that the bulbs are in perfect working order. If one’s dimmer than the other, immediately replace it.

#3: Instrument panel

Our eyes are extremely sensitive to changes in light intensity. They fill dashboards with bright lights in an array of colours. They can be distracting. Dim your instrument panel and dashboard lights for better nighttime vision of the road ahead. The bright colours will not tire your eye muscles either, as you won’t need to shield your eyes from their bright glare.

#4: Don’t look directly at bright lights:

There’s a trick to driving at night: don’t stare at the headlights of approaching cars. Rather, raise your line of sight above them or look below towards the ground. This will prevent you from experiencing temporary night blindness. Keep your eyes focused ahead of you and be distracted by bright roadside lights and signposts. If an oncoming car’s headlights are incorrectly aimed and shine directly into your eyes, squint your eyes and keep looking ahead of you.

#5: A clean windscreen:

A clean windscreen will not only provide optimum vision, but it will also prevent lights dazzling your eyes. The glare from lights on your windscreen can create a kaleidoscopic effect and can distract you, which may cause an accident. A fogged windscreen, or one covered in finger smears, or debris, can dramatically reduce your vision. Ensure your windscreen is clean on the inside and the outside.

#6: Fit foglights:

In the UK, foglights are …