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The best Insurance for your rental car

Typically rental cars come with three basic cover types; theft cover also referred to as theft protection, damage cover, technically referred to as collision damage waiver, and third-party cover, which is also referred to as third-party liability. When one books a car, these are the standard packages that the car comes with. The damage cover, for example, only shields the bodywork of the car. Some parts, for example, the windows and engines, aren’t covered. One can buy other insurance to cover their excess or extend what these basic types cover. However, for persons who aren’t familiar with the insurance industry, they can find it hard to choose the appropriate cover. The good news is that this article explores some of the options available to help you chose the correct insurance for your rental car.  Online Reviews can also help one to check out some platforms that may be offering rental car insurance.

Insuring online as you book

When one uses comparison sites or brokers, one can compare rental companies in an easy way and different processes and different cars at a go. One is also able to buy additional insurance to top up what their deal comes with.

Some of the advantages that insuring online as one book comes with include:

  • If one is renting a car abroad, they don’t have to worry about language barriers as the claim is made when one is back in their home country.
  • Online insurance rates are also lower than covers of insurance that are offered directly from insurance companies.
  • It also offers the flexibility of getting the entire rental from the convenience of your home, and one is also able to compare the price.


  • With online insurance, if a car is damaged, one must first pay the rental company before filing the claim.
  • Online insurance usually doesn’t reduce the excess, nor the deposit one pays when picking the car.
  • It is expensive as compared to insurance bought from separate insurers.


Using a third-party insurer

One can also choose to insure their rental car from a third-party insurance company. The internet has various options designed particularly for rent a car services. Often they are sold as excess protection insurance.


  • If this type of insurance is bought from home, one can get the option of buying the annual cover.
  • If the rental company charges one for something, one disagrees with the company that one bought the insurance from, can help one fight the charge.
  • If one rents a car while abroad language barrier shouldn’t be a great problem as one will claim once they are back at home.
  • The excess protection insurance price is usually much lower than getting an extra cover from a rental company or a comparison site.


  • This insurance type doesn’t reduce the deposit or the excess that one pays when they pick up the car.
  • If a car gets damaged in this insurance type, one is required to first pay the rental company before claiming back.