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Solvents for Automotive Use

Driving More Safely Because of Solvents

Dirt and insects on a windshield can really make driving tough. Thankfully, the solvents in windshield washer fluid help it dissolve these things and wipe them away, improving windshield visibility in all seasons. And in winter, added solvents help windshield wiper fluid from freezing by lowering the temperature at which the mixture will freeze.

What is the role of solvents?

Solvents help washer fluid to remove the dirt, grime and bug goo from your windshield. Have you ever tried to remove the tar or grease residue that seeps out of car doors? It seems nearly impossible. Special tar removers work to cut through those sticky messes in part because they contain solvents that dissolve.

Do you remember when your parents’ or grandparents’ cars wouldn’t start because of water in the gas line? Well, water can still get into the gas line today, but you are less likely to get stranded thanks to additives in modern gasoline. These additives include solvents that help keep the water from separating out of the gasoline. In addition, solvents help the fuel burn cleaner, which in turn can help reduce tailpipe emissions.

Solvents help maintain cars in many other ways. Solvents help de-ice frozen door locks, clean carburetors, keep the engine cool, and clean upholstery and carpet.

What is a solvent?

Solvents are chemical substances that can dissolve, suspend or extract other materials usually without chemically changing either the solvents or the other materials. Solvents can be organic, meaning the solvent contains carbon as part of its makeup, or inorganic, meaning the solvent does not contain carbon. For example, “rubbing” alcohol is an organic solvent and water is an inorganic solvent. Hydrocarbon and oxygenated solvents are examples of types of organic solvents that can effectively dissolve many materials.

Modern solvents make it happen.®

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$10 Off 2020 Promo Codes

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Progressive Automotive X PRIZE

Education Outreach for the Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE continued in September and October, 2011 at the  U.S.Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon held in the National Mall’s West Potomac Park in Washington, D.C. Nineteen collegiate teams from around the world  competed to determine which group had created the most efficient solar powered home. Competition categories included Architecture, Energy Balance, Affordability, Engineering, and Market Appeal.


Though quite a few of the competition days were solar-challenged, the demonstration homes performed well, and visitors lined up for a chance to inspect the innovative design and construction inside and out.


 The Under The Hood – Drive Change Today activity cart was very popular with the energy-efficiency-minded Solar Decathlon visitors.  The activities in the cart are designed to provide a hands-on introduction to principles of energy use, by-products of energy consumption, and conservation. 


DSC01508DSC01413Mixing  vinegar and baking soda provides an immediate Carbon Dioxide reaction…





 …while yeast and water take longer to work together to create the same effect.





The aerodynamic properties of cars of different shapes and sizes were compared on test tracks. With hair dryers creating wind resistance, it was clear that boxy designs and luggage racks can drastically reduce energy efficiency.



A favorite activity was the battery circuit station, where the challenge was to complete an energy circuit utilizing a battery, wires and tape, in order to light a small bulb.  The more batteries, the brighter the light, until the tiny lights blow from the energy supplied by about 6 to 7 D batteries.








The principles how of interlocking gears work to control speed and direction of movement were explored by many visitors to the booth as well.DSC01538

At the NC Museum of Life and Science in Durham, a week of Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE education events and activities were held in the museum’s hands-on investigation lab space.  



 DSC01657  DSC01675Museum visitors learned that under-inflated tires and dirty air filters are two enemies of energy efficiency.





Visitors used a high-magnification camera and display screen to compare clean and dirty filters and learned how a dirty air filter slows the intake of air needed for efficient burning of fuel. 

DSC01644 DSC01678

 DSC01690 The challenge of designing and constructing paper  luggage racks and testing their effect on a car’s aerodynamics was also a popular activity using the museum’s high tech spring loaded tester track.


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Morning Transportation – POLITICO

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— The Trump administration is supposed to start sending checks to airlines today to help them maintain their payrolls, as questions remain about what the government will ask for in return.


— Cruise companies are in crisis, but it’s a situation largely of their own making.

— President Donald Trump and lawmakers are sending mixed messages about whether infrastructure will be part of the next coronavirus response package.

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WHAT’S NEXT FOR AIRLINE AID: Today is the deadline for the government to start paying out worker-support grants to airlines under the recently enacted CARES Act, H.R. 748 (116).

Delta Air Lines, United and American each confirmed to POLITICO they met a Friday deadline to apply for the first round of aid; other airlines will likely join them.

A big unanswered question: What will the government ask for in return? The language in the law is hedged: The government “may” receive stock, warrants or other financial instruments in exchange for the payroll grants, but it’s up to the Treasury Secretary to determine what constitutes “appropriate compensation.” The application form sent to airlines asked them to “identify financial instruments” and their value.

Approved airlines will receive grants equal to the compensation they paid employees between April 1 and Sept. 30 last year.

Several top Democrats wrote to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin over the weekend urging the Trump administration not to give the aid overly restrictive terms, according to The New York Times. “Assistance must not come with unreasonable conditions that would force an employer to choose bankruptcy instead of providing payroll grants to its workers,” wrote House Speaker


Cambodia’s bicycle firms face bumps in the road

bicycle factoryImage copyright
Danielle Keeton-Olsen

Image caption

Workers fully assemble each bike and then detach the wheel for shipping from the factory

Made in Cambodia is a common label on clothing from shirts and skirts to cycling shorts, but these days there’s a good chance the bicycle itself will also have been made there.

The south east Asian nation is making the most of shifting global trade patterns to diversify its economy, and it is now listed as the fifth-largest exporter of bicycles in the world after China, Taiwan, the Netherlands and Germany.

But concerns over democratic freedoms mean there could be bumps in the road ahead.

At the Bavet Special Economic Zone, right on Cambodia’s border with Vietnam, and just 50km north west of Ho Chi Minh City, the industry is gearing up to make the most of growing demand.

Inside a factory belonging to Taiwanese-owned firm Speedtech, bicycle frames hang from hooks like meat carcasses at a market.

Image copyright
Danielle Keeton-Olsen

Image caption

A Speedtech factory worker examines frames before they head to the chemical wash

Workers, some in protective goggles or welding masks, are engrossed in their tasks along the production line, ignoring the biting scent of spray paint. The starting salary of $350 (£268) a month compares well with the garment industry, but the air is humid and heavy, and when the monsoon downpour arrives in early afternoon there’s a whoop of delight but no pause in production.

When Speedtech first arrived at Bavet in 2013 it was only doing final assembly, says vice-general manager, Aliette Tong. Now the workers weld and paint frames too. The factory can turn out up to 2,000 bicycles a day if the demand is there, he adds.

Image copyright
Danielle Keeton-Olsen

Image caption

A worker moves a crate of newly-welded bicycle frames between vats of acid wash

But the industry still has shallow roots.

At Speedtech everything other than the frame is imported from Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan or China, explains Mr Tong. Even the steel used to make the frame is imported from China.

“In this period, parts makers are more are interested in Vietnam,” he says.

Rivals is a season of in-depth coverage on BBC News about the contest for supremacy between the US and China across trade, tech, defence and soft power.

Read more here.

Moreover, the finished bicycles are exported, not from Cambodia’s main port at Preah Sihanouk, which is a gruelling nine-hour drive to the west, but via Ho Chi Minh City’s Cat Lai port, four to five hours east of here, even though that entails additional customs processes at the border.

China’s loss

What prompted Speedtech to move its operations from Vietnam to Cambodia in the first place, alongside two other Taiwanese-owned manufacturers, A & J and Smart Tech, was a decision by the European Union in 2005 to impose anti-dumping measures on Vietnam, making Vietnamese exports more expensive.

Global Trade

More from the BBC’s series taking an international perspective on trade:

A similar pressure


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Insurance Quotes – Compare Auto,Health,Home and Life Insurance

Getting Insurance Quotes Made Simple

You don’t have to be an expert to get a good deal on your insurance premiums — that’s what we’re here for. Whether it’s auto, home, life or health insurance, and no matter what stage of life you’re in, we can educate you on how insurance works to protect you, your family and your assets. We also break down how pricing works, explain how much insurance you need for your particular situation and guide you through the buying process so you can be sure you’re getting the best deal on the right policy.

Smart ways to get online insurance quotes

  1. Compare multiple companies When you’re shopping for insurance quotes to find the best rates, and best fit for your family’s needs, you need to obtain free insurance quotes from multiple companies. Our experts say always choose three or more to compare.
  2. Compare apples to apples when getting insurance quotes You always want to compare identical amounts of coverage when obtaining online quotes, so you have an apples-to-apples comparison. If the limits or deductibles differ, you are not getting a real comparison.
  3. Look beyond the cost of the policy The premium you pay is a big deal, but also read reviews of policyholders to see what they say about things that matter – such as customer service and claims – and also check the company’s financial security. You want to make sure the insurer has the financial means to pay out claims if you have them.
  4. Buy online insurance with confidence After finding the company you prefer, finish the process by completing any required forms and purchase the policy. Don’t forget to find out if the policy starts immediately or on a future date.

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Download Automobile Engineering PDF Books

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automobile engineering pdf

About Automotive Engineering:

The Engineering in Automotive Industry is a university degree, which grants the title of Engineer in Automotive Industry. It has a curriculum of 4 (four) years, consisting of approximately 4,000 hours of class.

Automotive engineering books pdf work in the design of automobile parts, as well as the association of the supervision of the mechanical and electrical maintenance of official automobiles PDF. They are developed by the engineers of projects for the processes of automotive operation, in which some important points, like the area of distribution, human resources, equipment and machinery that contribute to quality control and material handling, are considered.

In the area of automobile engineering, alternative sources of energy are stressed upon and developed in the automotive industry, such as the development of new technologies. They provide guidance on mechanical and electronic maintenance, through a company in the industry or on its own automotive service company in the field of work.

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Automobile Engineering PDF Books FREE Download:

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Tools for Auto Recyclers | Inventory Recycled Parts

Car-Part.com Auto Recycler Webinars - Click here to register!

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1896: The Bicycle Craze

The Popularity of Bicycles

1896 found the United States in the middle of a bicycle craze. Though different types of bicycles had been around in the United States and Europe for years, recent technological innovation brought about changes in material and design that made the late nineteenth century bicycle a lighter, smoother, and faster ride than ever before. Doctors wrote about the health risks and benefits of cycling, scientists explained the physics of the bicycle’s motion, while concerned critics discussed the changes in women’s fashion that so much cycling would necessitate. By 1896, there were over 150 bicycle factories in the United States, producing over 1,000 different makes of bicycles for men, women, and children. They were used for recreation and exercise, and in some cases, even for political campaigning.

It is true that women heretofore, here and there, have been trying the machines in an apologetic, shamefaced sort of way, but in this year they have boldly come to the front as riders, challenging male competition, and making a fashion of that which before was an eccentricity. …Women may ride in tights, but it is certain that men will never adopt the skirt. It is too dangerous. Man has not courage to risk the complications of an overthrow in a skirt. But whatever costume women may finally settle on for this arena, it is certain that they will not be driven from the wheel. They have joined the increasing army of those who are to roll about the world, and who now are numerous enough and powerful enough to assert their rights to the utmost limit. –Harper’s Magazine, from Public Opinion, 16 January 1896

Wheelmen in the Campaign.

Walter H. Chamberlin of Chicago, secretary of the National Wheelmen’s McKinley and Hobart club, was in the city yesterday. . . . to have S. L. Trussell, who is at present connected with the Republican state headquarters, take charge of the organization of the cyclists in Minnesota. . . . The object of the clubs is to do active work during the campaign and on eletion day. In the next six weeks there will be many parades and other demonstrations, in which the wheelmen’s companies will take part. It will be a new feature in political parades, but will be one that will add wonderfully to their effectiveness. One of the pleasant duties will be to escort the distinguished speakers who may come to this city during the campaign. The wheelmen will also be of much service on registration and election days as couriers. –St. Paul Pioneer Press, 20 Sept. 1896

From a medical standpoint bicycling is valuable both as a prophylatic and as a curative agent. Like other outdoor exercises it takes the votaries away from the vitiated air of closed rooms; but it has several advantages particularly its own. …Although we have seen that certain muscle groups come chiefly into play, all the muscles of the body are used more or less, and are thereby strengthened.