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5 Tips to Get You Started in Vehicle Wrap Design

Vehicle wraps are a very popular design product for small businesses. The side of their vehicles is a great advertising space that will be seen by many people. It’s basically a mobile billboard with ad space that a business owner only has to pay for once.

Many vehicle wraps are made of large, printed vinyl stickers that are applied to the surface of the vehicle. However, designing these effective ads can be a little complex. Any designer who decides to undertake a vehicle wrap project should at least be at an intermediate skill level with standard graphic design programs and do their research before they jump into it.

Below, we’ll discuss the basic process for designing print-ready vehicle wrap files and how to deliver them to your client. Let’s get started.

1. Gather information


Before you even start designing anything, you need to obtain an accurate template. It’s crucial to create the designs on an accurate template file of your client’s vehicle in order to be able to create a design that is to scale and as print-ready as possible. Vehicle wrap files can be large and complex and some vehicle wrap printers will charge your client up to $75/hour or $250 total for any fixes.

Ideally, your client will provide you with template files of the the car’s blueprint up front. If not, they can purchase them for you at car blueprint templates websites like this one or ask their vehicle wrap printer to provide them with one. Please note that templates files purchased online will not always be 100% accurate, since each vehicle may have slight irregularities on the surface.

Next, find out which vehicle printing company the client is using and what their specifications are. Each vehicle wrap printing company may have different file requirements or printing processes, so it’s important to gather as much information as possible before you even start designing.

Lastly, ask your client to provide you with high quality photos of their vehicle and to let you know which car model it is. Ask if there any irregularities on the cars surface that may be different than existing templates.

2. Gather inspiration


Now that you have all the technical information ready to go, it’s time to start thinking about how to turn your client’s vehicle wrap dream into a reality! Let’s assume that they already have a logo and advertising copy ready to go. You should be asking them about what type of vehicle wrap designs they like.

While it’s not recommended, many clients love photos in the vehicle wrap design. If that’s what they want, very high resolution images need to be obtained and purchased. You’ll need to agree on a budget for stock photos.

It’s always a good idea to keep a vehicle wrap design simple, especially if it’s an ad for your client’s business. Your client’s vehicle may be going 65mph on the freeway, so you’ll need to make sure that the brand’s message can be read in


RS Automotive Inc – Maryland’s Finest Auto Experts

Welcome to RS Automotive!

We are a full-service repair and maintenance facility for all your automotive needs


Who we are

Welcome to RS Automotive! We are a full service repair and maintenance facility for all your automotive needs. We are AAA approved and we are rated by the Better Business Bureau as an A+ member. We service all makes and models of imports and domestic automobiles.  We are a tight team of professionals striving to provide you with prompt and courteous service. Learn a bit more about us beyond our uniforms.

Meet our team


Boise Bicycle Project

BBP is considered an “essential” business under the Governor’s Stay at Home Order as a social service and transportation organization. Below are the essential services being offered.

Social Services

Free Bicycle Repair: If your bicycle is your only/primary source of transportation, BBP is providing up to 30 minutes repair services at no cost. This service is intended for those without the ability to pay. Knock on the door Wed-Saturday 11-5pm and we will get you rolling.

Nonprofit Bike Repair: Partnering nonprofits can drop off bicycles to be repaired for their clients. If you are a nonprofit and have someone/s who needs their bike fixed, please call 208-429-6520 or email info@boisebicycleproject.org. Adult and teen referrals are receiving priority repair services.

Bikes for Nonprofits: Partnering nonprofits can request bicycles for their clients in urgent need. BBP will work hard to provide these bicycles within 1-5 days of request. If you are a nonprofit and have someone/s who needs a bike, please call 208-429-6520 or email info@boisebicycleproject.org.

Voucher Bikes: If you are collecting unemployment and need a bicycle to help find work, please ask your unemployment officer if you qualify for a voucher to purchase a bicycle from BBP.

Mobile Bike Repair: BBP is providing free bicycle repair for kids at Community Centers and nonprofits in the Boise area. If you work at anyplace where children of low-income families are gathering, please email Christa@boisebicycleproject.org to request a mobile repair stop.

***Refugee/New American, people experiencing homelessness, formerly incarcerated, low-income populations are receiving priority consideration.

Shop Services (Transportation)

Quality Affordable Bikes: BBP is continuing to provide quality affordable bikes to the community at-large, but we are doing it online only. At this time, we cannot do test rides, but you can return it within 30-days for store credit or another bike. All bikes sales now come with free $25 gift certificate for used parts.

Curbside New Used Parts: Need new or used parts to keep you rolling? Call 208-429-6520 and we’ll pull together all of your requested items, you pay online, and have them waiting for you at the door.

Essential Online Purchases: BBP has growing selection of essential new items for commuting. Pay online and we’ll have them waiting at the door.

*Repair as service: Hopefully coming soon. Drop off your bike at BBP we’ll fix it/tune it up and get it back to you at a fair price.

Volunteer Opportunities

Adopt-a-bike: Give us a call 208-429-6520 or email info@boisebicycleproject.org and we’ll find a fun project for you to work on from the safety of your home. We can even help load them so you don’t have to get out of your car. These bicycles will either sold to help is pay for our staff or will be donated through one of our programs.

Virtual Volunteers: This is a time when in-person volunteering is not safe. This is also a time when we need to work together to help the vulnerable. One of the best ways you can help is by serving as


Vehicle groups – OpenTTD


Creating groups


A vehicle may only be in a single group at any one time

The interface for groups can be found in the vehicle list if you have the Use the advanced vehicle list setting enabled (it defaults to Own company, so you see groups for your own vehicles, but not any opponents).

The vehicle list, with groups on the left, and group management buttons labelled.

The buttons are fairly self-explanatory.

We have six buses running the same route (using shared orders), so let’s make them a group for easier management.

  1. Click the ‘create group’ button.
  2. Click the unnamed ‘Group 0’ to select it. (Note that to the right of its name is a count of zero vehicles, as it is empty.)
  3. Click the ‘rename group’ button and type in a new name. In this case, we’ve named it after the route that they have in common.

Creating and naming a new group.

We now need to add vehicles to our new group.

  • Drag a vehicle to the group to add it.
  • Drag a vehicle to the ‘ungrouped vehicles’ group to remove it from the group.
  • Use ‘remove all vehicles’ from the ‘manage list’ menu to completely empty a group, but keep its name.

(Vehicles can only participate in a group of the same type: trains, road, air, or sea.)

Adding a vehicle to a group.

We could add all of the buses this way, one-by-one, but there is a faster way.
Because they all share the same orders, once one has been added, use the ‘manage list’ menu to ‘add shared vehicles’.
This adds the other buses with the same orders to the group.

Adding all vehicles with the same orders to a group.

Using groups

Groups give a context to the vehicle list, like shared orders, although they can contain vehicles which are performing different routes.
(For example, we may later split these buses and make a few of them use full load orders, but still want to treat them all as one group.)
This means that we can perform the usual operations on these buses using the ‘manage list’ menu:

  • Replace vehicles to upgrade them to a new model
  • Send them all for a service, or to the depot to be modified manually

We can also use groups to protect vehicles from being automatically upgraded, if you’ve set vehicle replacement rules for ‘All vehicles’.
Click the ‘no autoreplace’ button under the group list, which will toggle to show a small, gold shield.
You could, for example, use this to keep a decorative steam train unchanged while automatically upgrading all other services to diesels.

Also, in the new 1.9 release, you can change the livery of a group (i.e. your company color is red, but the the freight trains’ colors are
blue, to help distinguish trains). This helps distinguish different routes and services.)

Train liveries.png


In nightlies since r9874, 2007-05-19; allow use for other players since r11067, 2007-09-09. In stable since OpenTTD 0.6.0.



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This Section is to help

Velocipede Bicycle History and Facts

Velocipede is a term that describes human powered land vehicle with two or more wheels that has managed to become a synonym for the word bicycle in the
early history of those travel devices. However, even though the word “velocipede” was most famously used to describe balanced bicycle designs that had
pedals, the earliest appearance of the world Velocipede was tightly connected with the devices known as dandy horses, draisienne or hobby horses that were
originally invented as by the German Baron Karl Drais. Dandy horse bicycles featured very simple design where users propelled themselves by manually
reaching with legs to the ground where they could walk, run and then rest their legs while the force propelled simple bicycle forward.

Picture Of Different Velocipedes

First notable improvement upon dandy horse design arrived in 1818 by French inventor Nicéphore Niépce (best known as the father of modern photography), who
mounted adjustable seating position on this early dandy horse design. He named his invention velocipede, but that name was accepted all across the Europe
only around 50 years later when France became home of the first organized factory that produced first modern two-wheeled bicycle nicknamed Boneshaker that
was produced by Michaux Company.

Between 1817 when Nicéphore Niépce created his first velocipede and 1880 when first “safety bicycles” became highly popular across Europe, bicycle designs
were highly varied. Velocipedes created in that period came in many forms – monowheel, unicycle, bicycle, dicycle, tricycle and quadracycle. They all had
pedals, but no chain drive. The most popular velocipede design of that time was two wheeled penny-farthing, which featured very big front wheel and small
rear wheel. This design was popular after the introduction of chain drive-powered boneshaker, and it was a first velocipede type that was openly called
“bicycle”. Penny-farthing was not popular for large period of time, but during height of its use it became a synonym of a late Victorian era and origin
point of a cycling as a popular pastime and a sport.

Success of penny-farthing and French boneshaker had more lasting influence on the history of the bicycle. Its designs received numerous upgrades in the
decades after they were originally unveiled, leading up to the creation of the safety bicycle in the 1880s. They featured diamond frame design, two
identical wheels, use of rubber tires, pedals, and chain drive mechanism that enabled easier transfer of rotating force to the rear wheel. After
introduction of safety bicycles, the age of velocipedes came to an end, except in rare situations when some three or four-wheeled designs still remained in
use for industrial or railroad purposes (Draisine).

Today, velocipedes are still celebrated by several international cycling organizations, and they can be seen in public mostly at various circus shows or
public events with professional entertainers.

Source Article


Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo | Postponed

ACT Expo Announces Lars Stenqvist, Executive Vice President and CTO at Volvo Group, as 2020 Morning Keynote Speaker

March 5, 2020
— Stenqvist to discuss how Volvo Group is creating value through innovative technologies and transformative partnerships.

ACT Expo Announces Presenting Sponsors and Agenda for 10th Annual Event, Opens Early Bird Registration

November 14, 2019
— Early bird registration is now open for the 2020 ACT Expo, the largest advanced transportation technology and clean fleet event in North America.

Submit an Abstract to Speak at ACT Expo 2020

November 13, 2019
— Submit an abstract for the opportunity to speak at North America’s largest clean transportation event.

2019 ACT Expo Fleet Award Winners

April 30, 2019
— The ACT Expo Fleet Awards are the ultimate recognition of fleets and individuals who have shown true leadership in transportation, having gone above and beyond what has been required to tirelessly pursue sustainability in their fleet operations.

2019 ACT Expo Event Recap

April 30, 2019
— ACT Expo combined the best education content in the industry with a cutting-edge trade show floor featuring the most innovative technologies on the market today.

See a Sneak Peek at Who Is Attending!

April 19, 2019
— With nearly 4,000 projected attendees, we’re gearing up for our largest ACT Expo yet. Take a look at some of the firms that are already registered to attend. Will your firm make the list this year?

ACT Expo Announces Full Speaker Roster

April 2, 2019
— Organizers of ACT Expo announced the full speaker roster for the ninth annual show, April 23–26, 2019 at the Long Beach Convention Center.

New Workshop Explores Greening the Aviation Industry

March 29, 2019
— ACT Expo is adding a new workshop to its agenda this year exploring incentives, technologies, and policies that are spurring a ‘greening’ of the aviation industry.

A New Workshop Helps Fleets Meet the Vehicle Maintenance Challenges Ahead

March 28, 2019
— A new ACT Expo workshop covers how to successfully recruit, train, and develop teams to support commercial transportation’s evolving workforce needs.

PMSA Forum on the Future of Clean Cargo Handling Equipment

March 28, 2019
— PMSA will hold a forum at ACT Expo 2019 for port stakeholders to learn about the future of clean cargo handling equipment.

New Workshops & Co-Located Events

March 27, 2019
— ACT Expo 2019 will host a series of new co-located events and workshops hosted by partner organizations across the commercial transportation sector.

Ride & Drive

March 15, 2019
— Attendees will have the opportunity to get behind the wheel and test drive dozens of advanced clean vehicles spanning all alternative fuels and vehicle applications.

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Automobile Inspections | #1 Car Inspection & Appraisal Company

Quality Auto Appraisal Done Right

At Automobile Inspections, we have been providing comprehensive vehicle inspection reports for long-distance car buyers since 1995. With over 800 inspectors nationwide, we can offer our auto appraisal services anywhere in the USA and most of Canada. Our operatives take their time to do each inspection thoroughly and each pre-purchase inspection report includes a detailed analysis of the body, paint, chrome, signs of accident damage, rust or bondo. Your thorough car appraisal will also include engine check, test drive, and photographs of the underbody and checks of the tires, wheels, instrumentation, interior and more. We provide specialty tailored vehicle inspection reports for different types of vehicles and offer a free professional consultation to every client.

Get a Vehicle Inspection by the Pros

Our mission at Automobile Inspections is to provide you with the premium service you should expect from a leader in the industry. We understand how important a vehicle inspection is and how costly it can be if one key element is overlooked. Our view has always been that if you do not get all the information you need from an auto appraisal, then you might as well not have bothered at all. That is why we make it our goal at each pre-purchase car inspection is to ensure that you receive all of the information you need to make an informed decision before buying.

For a detailed pre – purchase  inspection  from the  pros,  contact  us today at  (860) 456 – 4048  or  order online  now.  We look  forward to  being  of  service  to you!

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