A Secretary with a Better Attitude

Things have been a bit easier around the office after our boss hired someone for company secretarial services in Singapore. There was a secretary who used to work in the office before this secretary was hired, but she really wasn’t that great at her job. The old secretary had a bit of an attitude, and she would always be behind on her work, which would put everyone else behind. It was odd that she was able to work with us for so long, given how bad things were while she was there.

When the old secretary was fired, everyone let out a sigh of relief. For a brief moment, we were free from her terror and able to think about our work. That brief moment of happiness turned into worry again, because we were worried about the person that would replace her. The thought of someone that was worse at their job than our old secretary was something that we couldn’t shake. Our boss assured us that he would look for the best secretary possible before hiring one. That’s how he found out about the company that supplies secretaries for other companies. He was pleased with the description they gave about their secretaries for hire.

Since the new secretary started, she worked on the mountain of paper that was on the old secretary’s desk until it was all gone. She was good and her typing speeds made all of us jealous. I thought I was the person with the fastest typing speed in the office, but she eclipsed me. She was nice to everyone in the office and on the phone. She would even address everyone as sir or ma’am. We should have hired her much sooner, because our work environment would have been better and there would have been less stress.…


Bandar99 – Safe Poker Sites List

Imagine you are trying to find a safe online poker agent. With hundreds if not thousands of sites around, isn’t it a scary task to say the least. For sure, mostly anybody will be able to eventually find one, but at what cost, considering both time and effort, on one side, and money lost on shady sites on the other side. Fortunately, there is a simpler, more effective way to find such a site, namely the online gambling trusted sites lists like Bandar99, which consider a ton of factors regarding site performance, reliability and quality of service provided to its users before including it on a trusted list.

And this does not only apply to poker, but to most of the online gambling games available, from, indeed poker, probably the most popular, to domino and even rarer, more exotic ones like Sakong, BandarQ and Capsa Susun. Indeed an invaluable resource for all players looking for a safer, more enjoyable online gambling experience, trusted sites lists will ensure that only the best of the best are listed.

Bandar99 takes it a step further, performing an extensive research before including any site onto their list. For example, at the moment all the sites listed there provide excellent payment processing infrastructure, being it withdrawals or deposits, by working only with some of the most prominent banking institutions which, as every player which has waited for days on end for a payment to go through will tell you is a very important factor in having an enjoyable online gambling experience. Furthermore, all sites on this list provide their users with the benefit of having 24 hours a day, 7 days a week online support from trained professionals ready to assist at any moment, with any issue the player might encounter. And, last but not least, the bonus schemes offered by the sites there are some of the best in the business, with bonuses ranging from turnover to even referral bonuses. …


I Am Getting Nervous About Bitcoin

I had no clue what a bitcoin trader was when my older brother started to talk about it, that was about eight years ago. At any rate he talked me into giving him about a thousand dollars back then. I could afford it because I was living rent free with my girlfriend at the time. Of course he ended up making a whole lot of money doing this stuff, or what seems like a whole lot of money to people like me. So I kept buying the stuff and now I have the sort of problem that a lot of people would like to have. Of course when you look at the course history, year after year, the price of bitcoin has continued to rise. Obviously there are wild swings in both directions, so if you watch the news too closely you might go a little bit crazy from the rise and fall of the prices. If you are clever that allows you to make huge profits, but you could just as easily buy when you should have sold or vice versa.

At any rate I really nervous some times and it makes me think that I should put some of the money in an investment which does not make me so nervous. One of the big things appears to be the government, which has never had much love in it’s heart for bitcoin. There are a lot of people who use the stuff for reasons that involve things the government does not like. If you were a criminal, then the stuff would allow you to get around a huge problem with that sort of business. Obviously the people who like to avoid paying taxes see it as a great avenue for that and you know the IRS is not going to sit around and let that happen.…


3 Signs Your Carburetor May Need Cleaning


A carburetor on a car is basically like the central function. A motor works by mixing, air and gas to create combustion that creates the power that moves the car forward. So if a carburetor is in need of maintenance or replacement, it will be very obvious to the car owner. There are many different types of carburetors. Basically overall though, a carburetor does the same function. Some are different sized and shaped to be more efficient or make the car faster. A car will not run well without a well-performing carburetor, which is why it is so important for a car owner to keep the carburetor well maintained. Here are a few signs a carburetor is in need of some help.

The most obvious sign of carburetor problems is that the car just plain out won’t start. A car that can’t mix the air, gas, and spark is unable to move. A car with carburetor problems likely will still turn over though. Which rules out battery problems. If the problem is in the carburetor it will still turn over, however, there won’t be enough fuel and air getting into the carburetor to make it work or hold an idle. Carburetor problems typically don’t happen overnight. Issues with cars typically build-up from just a weird sound or weird symptoms that eventually lead to a big problem. 

Only trained and knowledgeable mechanics should mess with the carburetor. If a car absolutely won’t start, there are a lot of other issues that could be in play. So there are a few other signs that should be looked for as well before completely assuming it is the carburetor. One easy thing to try if you are having carburetor problems is carb cleaner gas additive.

The main purpose of the carburetor is to manage the amount of fuel and air that is getting into the process. The carburetor is a kind of gatekeeper for the rest of the motor. It creates the perfect amount of gas and fuel. So if your car is running too rich or too lean, it will run inefficiently and eventually flood or not run. Along with that, is that if there is a lot of black soot in the tailpipe of a car then that is a sign the car is running way too rich. Also, if the car is overheating then that is a sign that the car is running too lean and not getting enough fuel to help cool the car and run more efficiently.

Another obvious sign that your carburetor is having issues is that the car is backfiring or not starting on the first or second turn. Difficulty starting and backfiring is an obvious sign that the ratio to fuel and air is off. Backfiring occurs from and over-fueling problem that is caused by too much fuel making too big of a bang in the motor. If the carburetor is a small problem, like just being dirty then carb cleaner gas additive could


How to avoid paying for damages you didn’t make on rented cars

When you travel to other countries, you might have the rent a car that you would be using during your stay in that country. In some cases, you might even change cars and change rental countries depending on your needs and interests. However, one of the challenges you would have with renting cars is paying for damages. When any major damage occurs to the car during the period when it was in your possession, you might be asked to pay for the damages. When the damages were your fault, it is easier to pay for it. However, there are instances when the damages might not have been your fault. Here are some ways that can help you to avoid paying for damages that you did not make.

Rent from reputable institutions

One of the best ways to avoid paying for damages that you didn’t make is by renting from reputable car rental companies. Most reputable companies are always protective of their reputation. They do not want to make mistakes that would chase away their customers or earn them a negative review. Thus, they would hardly ever give you a car that has damages. Even when they are forced to, they would not try to rope you with damages that were not your fault. They would have insurance to cover for minor damages and thus, hey would have insurance to cover for minor damages and you won’t have to be bothered by it. You can read car company reviews such as Europcar reviews to see if anybody has complained about being asked to pay for damages they were not responsible for. When there is no such record, then you would know that they do not have such issues and you would know it is considered safe to patronize them.

Snap the car before driving

Another way to avoid paying for damages you didn’t cause is by taking photographs of a car before driving off. The problem with just snapping is that they could claim that you snapped the car after the accident and that you backdated the camera. Thus, it would be better to snap the picture and immediately forward it to your inbox or the cloud. This way, the date would be recorded by the mail company and not your phone alone. It would be almost impossible to manipulate the date of delivering items. In some cases, you might not even notice the damages while snapping. The snapping should include both the interior and exterior of the car.

Get insurance

Insurance is also a great way to avoid paying for damages that you did not make. When you have insurance, you could link the insurance company up with the car rental company. This is especially when they are forcing you to pay after showing them your evidence. They would sponsor the lawyer that would deliver. Win or lose, the insurance company will be responsible for any cost you would have incurred in the process.


Selling Your Car in Dubai – Tips, Dos and Don’ts

Are you living in Dubai and you want to sell your car there? You have two ways to Sell your car in Dubai or anywhere in the world. You can ask any car dealer or you can sell it privately and the better way is to sell it with the assistance of the dealer. Selling your car privately may affect its selling cost as you may not get the price you want to sell any car in Dubai. The dealers know the prices with respect to the model, age and condition, so they help get you good price out of it. If you are going for the option to sell your car privately in Dubai, then we have some tips you must follow before and while selling any car in dubai.

Tips, Dos and Don’ts

We are sharing with you some healthy tips, dos and don’ts before and while selling your car in dubai. These tips will help you sell your vehicle in a good way. 

Do Proper Research

To Sell Any Car in Dubai on your own, you must do a proper research. It means that you should be practical about mileage, age of the car, model and the health and look of the car. So, check out the prices on which the cars of your model and age are being sold. Then, select a price for yourself and find the buyer of the car in dubai. Normally, the dealer offers lower prices for the old models, so if your calculations are more than the dealer price and you get a satisfied customer, then go for it and sell any car in dubai. 

Be Flexible With the Deal

You should be sober while dealing with the customer to sell your car. If you have a deal with any person and there is a time lapse for good 10-15 days. The customer may appeal to review the price of car. If the appeal is genuine and you still have the price somewhere between 80% of the actual asking price or upward, then you are going good, you can make a deal.

Don’t Receive A Personal Cheque

When you are making a deal to Sell your car in Dubai, don’t receive a personal cheque. Suggest them for the bank cheque or cash. The bank cheque is the safe way to get the amount on the car or the other way is to get the cash. Don’t go for the personal cheque. 

Certify Your Vehicle 

If you have finally decided to sell your car, then your car should pass RTA’s annual roadworthiness inspection, at any of Dubai’s Tasjeel vehicle centers. At the time of selling your vehicle, you have to hand over the certificate. If you are sure that your car will pass the test, then make an advertisement and apply for the test. Note that the certificate is valid for 30 days so sell the car within the time of certificate validity.  

Inspections and Test Drives

When the ad is posted,


A Glance into Betting Sites

Gambling is a game of chance, where higher your luck, the higher the chances of winning say a bet. Now online gambling is where mostly these forms of betting take place. To facilitate these, we have betting sites. However, most of these sites cover other forms of gambling, such as casinos, along with betting. It is a good thing actually because if you are not into one sport, you can always opt for another.

RealTimeBetting one such betting website. It is not exactly a site where you can play betting or casinos. It is more like a directory of other betting sites. However, please be informed that you should not be fooled into thinking that there is no point of this website. Don’t let you think that this website does not make any sense because it is not going to have betting. The fact is, this site provides you a list of high profile betting and casino sites.

When you begin your online gambling journey, you may feel at a loss. Because there are just so many websites out there, some you can trust and others you should really stay away from. But you would have to spend countless hours researching which among those is the best site for you. Which is genuine, and gives you the best return. That is where RealTimeBetting comes into play. Like I mentioned before, it is a directory of other betting sites. These sites are chosen by RealTimeBetting, and they have already done the research for you. So you sure can trust them. Also to help you further, these sites come with ratings and reviews. Before you proceed to bet, you can take a look at this and decide which one be best for you. They also have casino sites, so if that is your interest, it should help you out as well.…


The Art Of Renting Luxury Cars During Your Holiday Travels

The holidays are coming up – would you say you are prepared? What about your agendas, is it already fixed? Are your hotels booked, Citroen Contract Hire transportation and course acquainted, and other things prepared like your car, for example?

If you have your car, used nissan micra cars then there’s not going to be a problem but if not, you can just get a cheap car rental in Dubai instead. You have to begin preparing as early as possible to make sure that you won’t encounter any mishaps in the process.

Furthermore, in case you want to travel abroad, the most advantageous thing that you can do to make your transportation simpler and better is to get car rental services. If you’re a tourist here in Dubai, go and try cheap car rental in Dubai daily or monthly basis. This will allow you to drive around your chosen vacation place with so much ease and comfort.

Numerous companies provide monthly car rental services Dubai – they have a long list of supercars, standard autos, and luxury cars that you can use while you travel around the UAE. No matter what type of rental car you want, they have it.

However, for what reasons is cheap car rental in Dubai a good choice for you?

1. Much Ease:

Having a rental car to use when you wander around your favorite city will help you in going to places with so much ease. You won’t have to stress over driving at all since you will have your rental vehicle to utilize.

2. Control Your Time

When you have your rental car, you control your time – you leave anytime you want and you can stay in place for as long as you want. Any individual would like to have all the time they need when they are in travel mode. You will get to places as you like, stay out late as much as you like, and do anything as indicated by how you need it.

3. Save Money

You get the chance to save a lot of money as well. If you gather all the cash you’d spend on public transportation, it would already be equivalent to the rates that you can get from monthly car rental in Dubai.

With that as it may, how are you going to find these car rental companies?

1. Right Company

For you to pick the correct car rental company wherein you’d rent a car from, you need to look for it tirelessly. Have differed alternatives and select which one suits your taste and advantage the most.

2. Check Before Rent

Know all that you need to learn first before you at long last settle in one provider of car rental. Get some information about insurance, the car, and all other significant things.

  1. You can use your PC to locate the correct car rental company for you. Choosing the right and cheap car rental Dubai based company will also allow you to receive

How Fleet Fuel Management Can Help Your Business? 

With the fuel prices rising at an alarming pace, fleet owners and auto sector entrepreneurs are becoming more and more concerned about the fate of their venture and rightfully so. The more you spend on fuel, the more losses you incur, especially if you don’t get ample returns for that investment. 

With a reliable fuel management system, you can keep track of your vehicles and see exactly how they are being and how much fuel does each vehicle consume. This reduces any chances of mistreatment, complacency, and inefficiency on the part of the driver. An automated record of your fleet also allows you to monitor the vehicles for regular maintenance and repairs if required. Other benefits of the fuel maintenance platforms are mentioned below; 

Monitor Speed and Vehicle Usage 

First and foremost, with a vehicle management system, you can keep track of how the vehicles are being used. This allows you to keep an eye out for any on-site accidents, damages, and over-speeding incidents. Over speeding also leads to overexploitation of the engine and thereby an increase in fuel wastage. The GPS integration feature also allows fleet owners to check if the drivers are efficient and competent in their duties or not. Breaking the speed limit is a legal offense in most areas leading to additional fines and confiscation of the vehicle. 

Keep Track of the Fuel 

With fuel management systems you can check exactly how much fuel a vehicle requires and how much is it using in the span of a day. All the details and technical specifications of your fleet are sorted and stored in detail. And the database, though extensive is very intuitive and easy to access. You can track the fuel usage, check if the resources are being overused and other details about the on-site job in a matter of minutes. Every vehicle comes with an in-built app that is connected to the main database for faster and hassle-free access. You can even reach out to the drivers when he is on the job in case you have any instructions. 

Live Tracking Feature 

The fuel maintenance software even comes with a live tracking feature that is connected to the GPS navigation system of each vehicle. You can now check which route the driver is taking or if he is slacking in his job. The GPS system usually suggests the best possible route that has the least obstacles and traffic. This saves you the fuel and time taken to deliver your packages. 

Some fleet applications also give you regular updates if the driver is using the vehicle for his personal usage. You can even keep track of the number of times the driver has refilled the fuel or if he is using the fuel for his own errands or not. 

Reduce Engine Idling 

There may be instances where the driver could just keep the engine up and running during heavy traffic. This doesn’t just cause the engine to heat up but also burns the fuel at a


Classing Wedding Cars For Your Themed Wedding In Dubai

If you are looking into renting a limo for transportation to and from your ceremony and reception, you should know there are beautiful and luxurious alternate vehicles to choose from. Classic wedding cars are just one of the many options you have when it comes to getting around on your big day. Both classic and vintage cars are a perfect choice whether you are having a quaint outdoor wedding or a lavish indoor celebration that could rival any Presidential banquet. Luxury car rental is your one-stop solution, when it comes to booking a luxury or classic cars. As these companies offer affordable rates on the booking that is why people love to rent cars from them.   

One thing is sure — whether you rent Ferrari or adding a classic car to your ceremony or reception location backdrop will be a stunning vision as your guests arrive.

A Country Club Event

Having an event at an exclusive location such as a duck club, country club or golf resort will offer the perfect backdrop for classic wedding cars. Known for being upscale and luxurious, these ceremonies and reception locations necessitate luxury choices in ever wedding planning step of the way. This includes transportation to and from the venue, which could include a Rolls Royce, Bentley, or modern classic cars such as a Shelby or Camaro. Arriving in style is a must for the bride-to-be, so be sure to pick a vehicle that is equally stunning and classy. You can also inquire about the suitable decoration of the car as per your event theme from luxury car rental company. They are very flexible and may charge you extra money to make it possible. Consult with event companies in Dubai that helps you in finding the best car for your wedding.

Indoor or Outdoor Estate Wedding

When you plan a wedding or reception at an estate, you are choosing a location that represents beauty, strength, loyalty and luxury. Formal estates are usually handed down generation after generation, and are typically large and unique. Nothing could compliment the scenery better than classic wedding cars for added props at the venue. Imagine the couple’s picture taken on the grounds of a large estate, with a shiny white classic vintage car to the side. Since many estates are in the countryside, renting a wedding car also provides practical transportation value.

Oceanfront Ceremony and Reception

Nature is a beautiful backdrop for any of life’s occasions, and it suits none better than the marriage of two people deeply in love. For the perfect outdoor oceanfront or beach house wedding ceremony and reception, consider adding classic wedding cars to the list of rentals for the big day. Arriving in style, the bride could choose a convertible or other modern classic car that would have quite frequently been found at the beach surrounded by surfboards and campfires.

Choose A Perfect Car For The Special Day

Choosing classic wedding cars for your themed wedding works whether the overall look and feel of